Exploring the Future of Consumer Data with Jamie Leach
Leaders of AnalyticsJuly 11, 2021
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Exploring the Future of Consumer Data with Jamie Leach

Jonas Christensen

Jamie is a data advocate with a strong belief in the transformative potential of data.

She is the founder and CEO of Open Data Australia and the regional director for FDATA Australasia and an advisor on digital identity to the United Nations Capital Development Fund.

Jamie is the go-to person for knowledge and insights on the topics of data privacy, governance, strategy, policy and regulation.

She has a vision for how data can be used to improve the lives and financial outcomes of everyday citizens

In this episode of Leaders of Analytics we discuss the huge potential for data innovation stemming from the Consumer Data Right and Open Banking, the hurdles that must be overcome by participating as well as who will be the winners and losers from the data sharing revolution.

In this episode you will find:

  • An overview of the Consumer Data Right and what it means to consumers and participating organisations?
  • How CDR differs from GDPR
  • How far participating organisations are in implementing the various components of Open Banking what should we expect to see in this space in the next 12-24 months
  • The most obvious use cases for CDR, and Open Banking in particular
  • The most important use cases that CDR/Open Banking participants should be focusing on
  • International examples of successful Open Banking based products and services
  • The hurdles currently limiting the use of the data sharing environment that CDR and Open Banking facilitates
  • How to generate consumer trust and excitement around CDR and Open Banking
  • What impacts CDR will have across the wider economy in the future
  • Who will be the future winners and losers from CDR, Open Banking and a broader Open Data regime