Why the Future of Finance is Decentralised with Daniel Liebau
Leaders of AnalyticsMarch 31, 2022
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Why the Future of Finance is Decentralised with Daniel Liebau

Jonas Christensen

Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and decentralised finance are described by some as massively disruptive technologies that will turn our existing financial system on its head.

For the traditional financial services industry, these technologies have the potential to create huge efficiency gains and democratise more complex financial services for individual users.

On the other hand, DeFi also reduces – and potentially removes – the need for trusted intermediaries, which makes the model unsettling to some operators in the current financial system.

DeFi also opens the opportunity for global financial inclusion of enterprises and private individuals in developing markets – a very large group whose needs are typically unmet by traditional finance.

With all this huge potential about to be released, we better learn why these technologies are so revolutionary and what will they do for us now and in the future.

To answer these questions and many more relating to DeFi, I recently spoke to Daniel Liebau. Dan is the Chief Investment Officer, Blockchain Strategy at Modular Asset Management and the Founding Chairman of Lightbulb Capital, a DeFi investment and consulting firm.

In this episode of Leaders of Analytics, Dan and I discuss:

  • Why is DeFi so revolutionary and the opportunities and risks that lie within this space for individual users, corporations and nation states
  • The difference between Payment, Utility and Security tokens and how these are likely to be used in our future financial system
  • The utility of NFTs and their future as an asset category
  • How blockchains, cryptocurrencies and DeFi will be part of our lives in 5, 10 and 20 years respectively
  • What Dan is teaching his FinTech, crypto and DeFi students, and much more.


Daniel Liebau on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/liebauda/

Lightbulb Capital: https://www.lightbulbcap.com/