Using Data to Build a Better World with Dr Alex Antic
Leaders of AnalyticsMarch 09, 2022
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Using Data to Build a Better World with Dr Alex Antic

Jonas Christensen

Is AI good or bad?

That would depend on how AI is applied.

AI is a revolutionary capability with the power to do a lot of good and plenty of bad, on purpose or by omission.

In order for AI to become a social good that improves our lives in broad terms, we must necessarily pick the right use cases and design solutions with a strong focus on ethics and privacy.

So, how is AI being used for social good today, and how do we ensure the important topics of ethics and privacy are front and centre for those designing AI solutions?

To answer these questions and many more relating to using data for good, I recently spoke to Dr Alex Antic.

Alex the Managing Director of the Dr Alex Antic Group and an award-winning data & analytics Leader with a truly impressive CV spanning across quantitative finance, insurance, academia, several federal government departments and consulting as well as advisory and board roles.

In this episode of Leaders of Analytics, we cover:

  • The role data, data science and AI can and should play in society
  • Examples of how AI is being used for social good
  • How public entities ensure people’s privacy is maintained, including the use of Privacy Enhancing Technologies
  • The most important data science and AI skills for us to foster as a society
  • How Alex is teaching future data leaders to make ethical design choices, and much more.

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