How AI is Shaping the Future of Credit Decisioning with Ada Guan

Episode #47

In this episode of Leaders of Analytics, I am joined by Ada Guan who is one of the most innovative minds in the field of credit decisioning.

Ada is CEO and co-founder of Rich Data Co, a company that helps lenders make informed and accurate credit decisions by leveraging AI and machine learning.

Listen in as Ada sheds light on the role that AI and machine learning can play in transforming the lending industry and what the future may hold for credit decisioning.

In this episode, we'll discuss:

  • Ada’s entrepreneurial journey
  • The typical pain points lenders face and how RDC’s unique AI solution solves these problems
  • What makes RDC’s solution unique and why banks should buy rather than build themselves
  • How to find product-market fit or an AI product
  • The additional benefits an AI solution brings over traditional credit scorecards or rules-based decisioning engines, and much more.

Learn more about Rich Data Co here:

Connect with Ada Guan on LinkedIn.