Unlocking Business Value & Elevating Analytics to the C-Suite: Strategies and Best Practices with Murli Buluswar

Episode #46

Data is revolutionising our world, yet many companies fail to harness its value. What needs to be done for CEOs to see the value of having analytics as part of the executive inner circle?

Unfortunately, many analytics teams struggle to move past the common challenges of fostering analytics literacy, getting executive buy-in for more investment in data and analytics and showcasing the value delivered into the business.

How can analytics leaders make their discipline an indispensable superpower in their organisation? In this episode of Leaders of Analytics, long-time analytics C-suite executive Murli Buluswar gives us the formula for success.

Murli is Head of Analytics, US Consumer Bank at Citi, and leads a team of almost 600 analytics professionals. He reports directly to the CEO and his team is responsible for supplying the rest of the organisation with insights and data-driven solutions that lead to better customer experience and engagement.

In this episode of Leaders of Analytics, Murli explains:

  • How to position an analytics function as a key strategic enabler
  • How Citi’s analytics department picks and validates the most valuable use cases to work on
  • How to foster the skills and organisational discipline to push analytics into the rest of the organisation
  • How to measure and communicate an analytics team’s impact on the company and its customers
  • What’s required of analytics leaders to elevate their function to the C-suite, and much more.

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