Making the Shift from Corporate Executive to Entrepreneur with Michael Kingston

Episode #45

“Being an entrepreneur is basically like going from one crisis to the next”. Those are the words of Michael Kingston, co-founder and CEO of Seeda.

At a point in his career when Michael was thriving, he took the daunting plunge from successful executive to entrepreneur and start-up founder. Most people would be too scared to take such an enormous risk; however, this step has been Michael's key toward work-life satisfaction.

Three years later, Michael and his co-founders have built Seeda, an AI-assisted marketing analytics product, purpose-built for Shopify-based eCommerce platforms. Seeda helps marketers make sense of the enormous amount of data coming at them from numerous sources and use it to optimise their marketing activities.

Whether it’s SEO, email marketing or digital advertising, marketers are often stuck with a heavy burden of technical9 implementation and optimisation. Seeda’s product is the “AI analyst” that helps the world’s 5 million Shopify stores figure it all out, without needing to be a technology or analytics expert.

If you’re curious about start-up life or are thinking about starting your own business, then this episode is for you!

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Michael gradually but surely made the shift from employee to entrepreneur
  • How Michael figured out what he wanted to work on as an entrepreneur
  • How Seeda’s “AI analyst” is a potential game-changer for Shopify-based businesses wanting more out of their marketing efforts
  • The scaled data architecture that allows small businesses to take advantage of data practices normally reserved for large corporates
  • Michael’s advice for anyone wanting to start their own business, and much more.

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