Measuring Advertising Attention in a Cookieless World with John Hawkins

Episode #43

As the digital landscape evolves, privacy concerns and regulations are becoming increasingly important for advertisers. With the decline of third-party cookies and the rise of individual data usage consent, measuring advertising attention is more crucial than ever.

One of the biggest challenges for advertisers in a cookie-less world is being able to accurately measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. Without cookies, it's harder to track user behaviour and understand how their ads are performing.

However, measuring advertising attention through alternative methods such as viewability, brand lift studies, and surveys can be helpful, but they provide vague and delayed signals about advertising effectiveness.

How can advertisers measure the attention and effectiveness of their advertising in real-time?

To answer this question, I recently spoke to John Hawkins, Chief Scientist at Playground XYZ. Playground XYZ provides a machine learning-based platform for measuring and maximising attention on digital ads.

The company’s Attention Intelligence Platform is a unique technology that uses over 40 different signals to track user attention as it happens.

In this episode of Leaders of Analytics, we discuss:

  • How Playground’s attention measurement platform works in practice
  • The importance of attention time in a world without cookies, where privacy and consent are increasingly of mandated importance
  • Dealing with the complexities of multi-layered machine learning pipelines and convincing stakeholders of their value
  • How data science professionals can foster the right non-data science skills that will make them true unicorns, and much more.

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John's book, Getting Data Science Done.