Designing an Economy that Regenerates Rather than Consumes with Simon Schillebeeckx

Episode #41

30 years of “corporate social responsibility” has left our planet in dire straits.

Biodiversity loss, climate change, water pollution, micro-plastic pollution, air pollution, species collapse, ecosystem collapse…the list goes on.

What can we all do individually and collectively as business leaders and responsible humans to turn the situation around?

According to Simon Schillebeeckx from it is possible to create incremental financial value while regenerating the ecosystems we rely on.

Simon and his colleagues at Handprint have written a manifesto for saving the planet, called Regeneration First, that tells us exactly how this can be done.

In this episode of Leaders of Analytics, we discuss:

  • The current state of the many environmental issues facing us.
  • The “Regeneration First” manifesto and the 7 action shifts needed in our approach to sustainability.
  • Whose role it is to deal with climate change
  • Promising climate technologies that will help us solve the negative impacts we’re having on the planet
  • How we create more short-term environmental incentives to deliver long-term impact
  • What we can do individually to contribute to environmental regeneration, and much more.



Simon on Linkedin:

Some promising carbon removal solutions discussed on the A16Z podcast.

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