Data-Driven Retail at Bunnings featuring Genevieve Elliott

Episode #40

How does a traditional bricks-and-mortar retailer transform itself into an omni-channel business with strong digital and data science capabilities?

In this episode of Leaders of Analytics we learn from Bunnings General Manager, Data and Analytics, Genevieve Elliott, how the company is transforming its operations using data and analytics.

As Australia and New Zealand’s largest retailer of home improvement products, Bunnings is a highly complex organisation with a large physical footprint, a wide product range and an elaborate supply chain.

Bunnings is almost 130 years old and has undergone tremendous growth over the last three decades. The company’s well-known strategy of “lowest price, widest range and best customer experience” is increasingly being driven by the company’s growing data and analytics capability.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Genevieve’s career journey and how she ended up in data and analytics
  • How Bunnings uses data to create operational efficiencies, improve customer experience and optimise pricing
  • How the team prioritises projects and engages with the organisation
  • How the Data & Analytics team is driving a data-driven culture through the company
  • Genevieve’s advice to other analytics leaders wanting to drive strategically important results for their organisation, and much more.

Genevieve Elliott on LinkedIn: