Creating Data-Driven Business Leaders with Hind Benbya

Episode #35

Business leaders are changing.

Today, it’s not enough to be a strategic thinker and good people leader to be successful in the corporate world. Why?

Modern business leaders are customer-centric and understand how to create a personalised customer experience using customer data.

Modern business leaders are data-driven and understand how to make decisions based on probabilistic outcomes, not just gut feel.

Modern business leaders understand what it takes to develop and deploy artificial intelligence in their organisation.

So, how do we educate our future business leaders to be analytics literate, technically capable and able design and use AI effectively and responsibly?

I recently spoke to Professor Hind Benbya to answer this question and many more relating to educating our future business leaders.

Hind is the Head of the Department of Information Systems & Business Analytics at Deakin University, where she leads the strategic direction of the department as well as academic aspects of teaching, research and industry engagement.

In this episode of Leaders of Analytics, you will learn:

  • The critical must-learn skills for students wanting to shape the future of business with data and analytics
  • The role of data, analytics and AI in business 10 years from now and how today’s business leaders must prepare
  • How we bring today’s business leaders and executives up to speed with data and analytics
  • How analytics leaders can drive their organisations to become truly data-driven, and much more.


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