Creating a Better Data Warehouse with the Unified Star Schema, Featuring Francesco Puppini

Episode #30

In a recent conversation with data warehousing legend Bill Inmon, I learned about a new way to structure your data warehouse and self-service BI environment called the Unified Star Schema.

The Unified Star Schema is potentially a small revolution for data analysts and business users as it allows them to easily join tables in a data warehouse or BI platform through a bridge.

This gives users the ability to spend time and effort on discovering insights rather than dealing with data connectivity challenges and joining pitfalls.

Behind this deceptively simple and ingenious invention is author and data modelling innovator Francesco Puppini.

Francesco and Bill have co-written the book ‘The Unified Star Schema: An Agile and Resilient Approach to Data Warehouse and Analytics Design’ to allow data modellers around the world to take advantage of the Unified Star Schema and its possibilities.

Listen to this episode of Leaders of Analytics, where we explore:

  • What the Unified Star Schema is and why we need it
  • How Francesco came up with the concept of the USS
  • Real-life examples of how to use the USS
  • The benefits of a USS over a traditional star schema galaxy
  • How Francesco sees the USS and data warehousing evolving in the next 5-10 years to keep up with new demands in data science and AI, and much more.

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