How to Embed Analytics into Front-Line Operations with Jason Tan

Episode #6

If you dream of using analytics to optimise your customer interactions and squeeze additional value out of your existing operations, then is episode is for you!

Today, most large services businesses have established data science functions that churn out countless reports, dashboards, customer insights packs, machine learning models, forecasts and predictions.

With all this information to hand, you would hope that front-line operations are making data-driven decisions across the board. But alas, many of these same businesses struggle to turn their analytics into more than glossy PowerPoint packs that describe what could be done.

Often, this is because the technical implementation of data science solutions run into resource constraints or remain unsupported by IT departments.

So, how can we successfully make use of our analytical output in our front-line operations without spending eons creating overly complex systems that never quite deliver?

To answer this question, I recently spoke to Jason Tan who is an expert in operationalising data science solutions that deliver positive customer outcomes and real financial results.

Jason Is the managing director of consulting group Data Driven Analytics and an expert in optimising customer experience, pricing and long-term customer value.        

In this episode of Leaders of Analytics, we discuss:

  • How to use analytics to optimise your customer interactions
  • How to identify the most valuable data science use cases in your organisation
  • How Jason has created successful data science solutions around legacy IT platforms
  • Whether you should buy off-the-shelf pricing software or build your own solution