The Hidden World of Data Manipulation: Insights from 'Data for All' with John Thompson

Every day, like invisible breadcrumbs, we leave trails of personal data scattered across the digital landscape.

Each click, every search, every purchase - they all tell a story about us.

But do we know where these breadcrumbs lead? Who's picking them up? And most importantly, what are they doing with them?

In an era where data is documenting our lives across a host of platforms, understanding these trails and their implications is no longer a luxury but rather, a necessity.

It's about our privacy, our rights, and our well-being in an increasingly interconnected world.

In this episode of Leaders of Analytics John Thompson and I dive into his newly released book that should be on everyone's reading list - "Data for All".

During our discussion, we'll delve into the eye-opening insights Thompson shares in his book, such as understanding the scope and consequences of companies manipulating and exploiting your data.

We also explore the step-by-step guide he provides on how to navigate this changing landscape.