Turning Your Data Warehouse into a Marketing Engine with Tejas Manohar

Many large organisations have the data to pull off sophisticated marketing strategies, but only if they avoid the common pitfalls that limit the potential.

In this episode I interview Tejas Manohar on the huge – and typically unexploited – potential for data-driven marketing and personalisation.

Tejas is co-founder and co-CEO of Hightouch. Hightouch is a reverse ETL platform that helps organisations synch their data warehouses with business facing tools and technology. Their products are used by big name corporations like Warner Music, Chime, Spotify, NBA, and PetSmart.

In this wide-ranging conversation Tejas and I discuss:

  • What a reverse ETL platform is and why we need it
  • Why Tejas is bullish on turning data warehouses into marketing engines
  • The key steps marketers should take to implement personalization effectively using existing company data and platforms
  • The pitfalls and common mistakes businesses make in data-driven personalisation and how to avoid these, and much more.

Tejas on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tejasmanohar/

Tejas on Twitter (or is it X?): https://twitter.com/tejasmanohar