Unlock Your Potential: Leadership Lessons in Data Science from Sandhya Iyer

Sandy Iyer has been General Manager of Data Science at Sportsbet since the beginning of 2023, leading a dynamic team that leverages data in innovative ways.

But what does it take to lead in such a data-driven environment? How does one balance the promotion of betting products with social responsibility? And how does data shape the strategy of a betting giant like Sportsbet?

These are just a few of the questions we'll explore today.

I’ve watched Sandy's career trajectory skyrocket in the last few years, and It's been nothing short of inspiring. In this conversation we explore the key elements behind her impressive progression, including the leadership lessons has she gleaned from her time in the trenches of data science.

And more importantly, Sandy explains how can you apply these insights to your own career.

From discussing unique data science use cases that have propelled Sportsbet's success, to exploring emerging trends that will shape the future of the betting industry, Sandy offers a wealth of insights.

She also shares personal stories of challenges faced and overcome, revealing the qualities essential for any budding data scientist aspiring to become a senior analytics leader.