Pioneering Industrial Optimisation with AI Featuring Nikolaj van Omme

My guest on this episode is Nikolaj van Omme, CEO and co-founder of Funartech.

Funartech is a Canadian company specializing in AI-driven solutions to complex industrial optimisation problems.

The company’s secret sauce is combining the two disciplines of Operations Research and Machine Learning.

Operations Research is about making the best decisions and solving problems in a structured way, using maths to optimize outcomes.

Machine learning on the other hand, is really good at spotting patterns and making predictions from lots and lots of data.

The cool part happens when we bring these two together.

ML is the detective finding clues in a sea of information, and OR is the strategist, using those clues to make the best moves.

By working together, they can tackle challenges neither could face on their own.

Find Nikolaj on LinkedIn or via Funartech's website.

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