Pushing the Boundaries of Healthcare through Data Science with Akshay Swaminathan

In this episode, I’m joined by the remarkably versatile Akshay Swaminathan, a polyglot who speaks 11 languages and has carved a unique path from medicine to data science.

Currently an MD-PhD candidate at Stanford, Akshay's work has taken him from building clinics in Bolivia to pushing the boundaries of healthcare through data science.

Akshay's journey is not just about his professional achievements but also his personal commitment to continuous learning and making a global impact.

His transition from medicine to data science was driven by his desire to leverage technology for social good, particularly in healthcare.

We also explore Akshay's book "Winning with Data Science" aimed at business professionals seeking to integrate data science into their operations.

In short, Akshay might just be the most interesting person you’ll come across this year.

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Akshay's website: https://www.akshayswaminathan.com/

Akshay on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/akshay-swaminathan-68286b51/