Data with Impact: Communication & Influencing Skills for Data Professionals

Data professionals possess a unique superpower: the ability to see things and uncover insights that no one else can.

But, this power can only truly shine when coupled with the ability to communicate these insights effectively and persuade others of their value.

Data with Impact teaches you the skills needed to bridge the gap between complex data analysis and significant business impact.

This in-person training program goes beyond traditional courses by teaching essential communication and interpersonal skills from the unique perspective of data and analytics teams.

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Program contents

Module 1: Interpersonal awareness and influence

  • Developing awareness of self and others
  • Understanding and recognising personality styles
  • Gaining stakeholder trust and buy-in
  • Managing difficult stakeholders
  • Influencing others through data

Module 2: Communicating and persuading with data

  • Communicating with confidence and conviction
  • Presenting complex information to non-technical audiences
  • Keeping your audience engaged
  • Avoiding information overload
  • Discover the blueprint for data storytelling

Module 3: Creating lasting business impact

  • Building data solutions that resonate
  • Data-driven intrapreneurship
  • Replacing busyness with impact
  • Driving decisions and outcomes with data
  • Prioritising work with stakeholders for long-term success

Typical Outcomes

Enhanced Communication Skills

Learners gain the ability to effectively communicate data insights, boosting decision-making and collaboration.

Increased Influencing Abilities

Participants learn to inspire change, fostering a self-reliant team and reducing managerial bottlenecks.

Improved Teamwork and Collaboration

The program fosters a team spirit, promoting common goals and a supportive culture among participants.

Tangible Business Impact

Upskilling data teams in critical soft skills enhances alignment between data insights and company goals, driving innovation and profitability.

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