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Analytics Leadership Academy: The Ultimate Leadership Program for Data Professionals

Learn how to lead, influence and drive your organization with analytics. Gain tools to galvanize your team, and set an impactful vision for data in your organization. Inspired by my journey from junior analyst to analytics executive, this course teaches you the behaviors, practices, and mental frameworks that will make you an impactful data and analytics leader.

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Present and Influence Like a Pro: Presentation and Influencing Skills for Data Professionals

This course is designed to build and cement your position as a trusted and highly respected business partner. It arms you with skills and behaviors that amplify your professional impact, making everything you do more potent. You’ll learn to articulate data insights with confidence, inspire trust, and become an influential force within your organization.

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Analytics Leadership Academy

The Analytics Leadership Academy is my comprehensive guide to becoming an influential analytics leader. The course is packed full of the practices and mental frameworks I have used to go from junior analyst to analytics executive in less than 10 years.

This course teaches you how to:

  • Lead, influence and drive organizational outcomes using data and analytics
  • Establish a compelling vision for data and analytics in your organization
  • Secure stakeholder commitment and sponsorship for your strategy or project
  • Motivate your team to step outside their comfort zone and deliver tangible business outcomes
  • Organize and track your team’s work and commitments for maximum impact.

Present and Influence Like a Pro

Present and Influence Like a Pro is your gateway to mastering impactful presentations, data storytelling and influencing stakeholders with confidence. Set yourself apart as a compelling communicator and an influential data professional, who leaves a lasting impact.

This course teaches you how to:

  • Present confidently, articulate your points crisply, and tailor your message to diverse audiences and thinking styles
  • Master the art of data storytelling, visualize and present complex data to non-technical audiences
  • Secure stakeholder buy-in and deliver work that resonates with end-users
  • Prioritize tasks and navigate through change management with ease.