The Playbook on Data-Driven Customer Retention with Sami Kaipa

Episode #39

Is your company good at customer success and retention? Chances are that you could be better.

For most businesses with a recurring revenue model, customer churn is a very costly affair. Whenever a customer leaves, you lose out on recurring revenue, forgo the opportunity of expansion (cross sell) revenue and have to pay for another round of acquisition costs to cover the loss.

In my personal experience, customer retention is both art and science. Machine learning and other data science techniques can be used to identify customers who are likely to churn, but it is equally important to craft meaningful and delightful interactions throughout the customer lifecycle.

So, what’s required to become a lean, mean retention machine?

In this episode of Leaders of Analytics, I speak to Sami Kaipa to learn the best practices of data-driven customer retention.  Sami is an experienced technology executive, serial entrepreneur and start-up advisor. He is co-founder of Tingono, an AI-driven customer retention platform.

Listen to this episode as we discuss:

  • Sami's journey as an entrepreneur and corporate technology executive
  • The core elements of customer success and retention that every business should master
  • A deep dive into the concepts of customer retention, expansion and NRR
  • The economics of customer retention and expansion
  • How data science and machine learning can help with retention, and much more.

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