The Economics of Data & Analytics with Bill Schmarzo

Episode #38

Do you really need a data-driven culture? Maybe not.

According to Bill Schmarzo, the CEO’s mandate is to become value-driven, not data-driven. For analytics teams that means one thing: no one cares about your data, they want results!

In this episode of Leaders of Analytics, Bill and I explore the economics of data & analytics and how to drive powerful decisions with data. Decisions that turn into business value.

Bill is the author of four text books and one comic book on generating value with analytics. He is a long-serving business executive, adjunct professor, university educator and global influencer in the sphere of big data, digital transformation and data & analytics leadership.

In this episode of Leaders of Analytics, we discuss:

  • Why Bill has split his career between corporate leadership and education
  • What value engineering is and how it pertains to data and analytics
  • How to determine the economic value of data and analytics
  • Why data management the single most important business discipline in the 21st century, and much more.

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