Building Data & Analytics Literacy with Ben Jarvis

Episode #37

Great analytics teams understand that they are responsible for two things concurrently: production and consumption.

Most analytics teams master the production part well. After all, that’s why they exist, to produce analytics.

However, analytics only matter if someone consumes them and makes valuable decisions as a result. “Decision + value” is what we’re after.

To be able to make valuable decisions from analytics, consumers must be data and analytics literate, and that often comes down to education and culture creation.

So, how do you build analytics literacy in your organisation?

In this episode of Leaders of Analytics, Ben Jarvis, Head of Scaled Customer Services and Operations AUNZ at Google, answers this question and many more related to building a strong analytics culture.

Listen to learn:

  • How Ben went from practicing law to becoming a senior analytics leader and operational GM
  • How to coach and mentor technical and non-technical stakeholders on data and analytics literacy
  • How do traditional businesses that aren’t born out of the internet era can transform into data-driven and analytics-literate organisations, and much more.

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