Leaders of Analytics

Leaders of Analytics

Hosted by: Jonas Christensen

Leaders of Analytics is a podcast about data-driven decision-making, modern business leadership and the use of data and artificial intelligence in business and society. Each episode investigates the strategies,...

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Building Impactful Analytics Teams with John Thompson

Episode #29

Modern analytics teams are central business functions directly and indirectly responsible for increasing revenue, reducing costs, optimising processes and improving customer and employee satisfaction. But there are...
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Ultralearning: How to Master Hard Skills and Accelerate Your Career with Scott Young

Episode #28

There is so much to learn! If you’re anything like me, you’re overwhelmed by the number of books, articles, podcasts, online and offline courses, webinars and other training opportunities out there. Today, we’re not...
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How to Turn Your Textual Data Into a Goldmine with Bill Inmon

Episode #27

An estimated 80 to 90 percent of the data in an enterprise is text. Sadly, this rich information is mostly neglected for analytical purposes. Textual data is typically full of information, but also very complex to...
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The Future of Data-Driven Personalised Healthcare featuring Felipe Flores

Episode #26

This is the second episode of a two-part series of Leaders of Analytics featuring global data science thought leader and influencer Felipe Flores. Felipe is a global thought leader and influencer in the field of data...
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Innovating with Data featuring Felipe Flores – Part 1

Episode #25

Automated decisions, personalised customer and employee experiences and data-driven decision-making are at the core of digital transformation in the 2020s. In other words, data is eating the world and all modern...
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Making AI Sustainable – Ethics, Privacy & Data Pollution with Gianclaudio Malgieri

Episode #24

When we talk about data and AI ethics, we typically view this through a privacy lens. That is, someone’s personal data has either been compromised and ended up in the wrong hands, or personal data is used to...
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How to Hire the Right Data & Analytics Talent with Tim Freestone

Episode #23

Is the typical hiring and job search process broken? It is definitely full of bias. First, we get interested candidates to submit their resumes. Then someone (typically not the hiring manager) will pick out the...
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Why the Future of Finance is Decentralised with Daniel Liebau

Episode #22

Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and decentralised finance are described by some as massively disruptive technologies that will turn our existing financial system on its head. For the traditional financial...
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Making Data Usable with a Universal Semantic Layer Featuring David P Mariani

Episode #21

Data is everywhere, but do we know what it means? A common problem for many enterprises wanting to adopt cutting edge, data-driven solutions is that they have a ton of legacy applications interlinking with more modern...
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The Dos and Don’ts of Synthetic Data with Minhaaj Rehman

Episode #20

Ever heard of ‘synthetic data’? Synthetic data is data that is artificially created (from statistical models), rather than generated by actual events. It contains all the characteristics of production data, minus the...
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Using Data to Build a Better World with Dr Alex Antic

Episode #19

Is AI good or bad? That would depend on how AI is applied. AI is a revolutionary capability with the power to do a lot of good and plenty of bad, on purpose or by omission. In order for AI to become a social good that...
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Powering Your Organisation with Advanced Business Intelligence - Featuring Jen Stirrup

Episode #18

Data is eating the world and every industry is impacted. In most modern businesses, customer and employee activities create a plethora of data points and information that can be analysed and interpreted to make better...
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