Leaders of Analytics

Leaders of Analytics

Hosted by: Jonas Christensen

Leaders of Analytics is a podcast about data-driven decision-making, modern business leadership and the use of data and artificial intelligence in business and society. Each episode investigates the strategies,...

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Data-Driven Retail at Bunnings featuring Genevieve Elliott

Episode #40

How does a traditional bricks-and-mortar retailer transform itself into an omni-channel business with strong digital and data science capabilities? In this episode of Leaders of Analytics we learn from Bunnings...
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The Playbook on Data-Driven Customer Retention with Sami Kaipa

Episode #39

Is your company good at customer success and retention? Chances are that you could be better. For most businesses with a recurring revenue model, customer churn is a very costly affair. Whenever a customer leaves, you...
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The Economics of Data & Analytics with Bill Schmarzo

Episode #38

Do you really need a data-driven culture? Maybe not. According to Bill Schmarzo, the CEO’s mandate is to become value-driven, not data-driven. For analytics teams that means one thing: no one cares about your data,...
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Building Data & Analytics Literacy with Ben Jarvis

Episode #37

Great analytics teams understand that they are responsible for two things concurrently: production and consumption. Most analytics teams master the production part well. After all, that’s why they exist, to produce...
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How to Achieve Data-Driven Marketing Success with Ikechi Okoronkwo

Episode #36

If you’re anything like me, you have a love/hate relationship with marketing. Marketing can be delightful, obnoxious or somewhere in-between, depending on content and context. Most of us remember an ad from our youth...
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Creating Data-Driven Business Leaders with Hind Benbya

Episode #35

Business leaders are changing. Today, it’s not enough to be a strategic thinker and good people leader to be successful in the corporate world. Why? Modern business leaders are customer-centric and understand how to...
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Feeding the World with Data Science Featuring Serg Masis

Episode #34

Most of us take for granted that food is always available to us when we need it. Our local supermarkets have shelves stacked with produce from all corners of the world. Rarely do we stop to think that the items in our...
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Why Sport is Leading the Analytics Revolution with Ari Kaplan

Episode #33

Professional sports have undergone a true data revolution over the last two decades. Today, all major sports teams, regardless of sports code, use analytics and data science to drive team performance, optimise game...
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The Future of Analytics Leadership with John Thompson

Episode #32

It’s no secret that data and analytics can be used to create a competitive advantage for almost any modern business. In fact, the customer data you capture in the course of doing business is one of the strongest...
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The Future of Analytics Tech with Benn Stancil

Episode #31

Every company, regardless of size, is dealing with a barrage of data. In any typical organisation, there is more information on hand than we know how to use or manage. While every team in the organisation is screaming...
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Creating a Better Data Warehouse with the Unified Star Schema, Featuring Francesco Puppini

Episode #30

In a recent conversation with data warehousing legend Bill Inmon, I learned about a new way to structure your data warehouse and self-service BI environment called the Unified Star Schema. The Unified Star Schema is...
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Building Impactful Analytics Teams with John Thompson

Episode #29

Modern analytics teams are central business functions directly and indirectly responsible for increasing revenue, reducing costs, optimising processes and improving customer and employee satisfaction. But there are...
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